Jackie Gratz, Executive Director
Osher Life Long Learning Institute,
Towson University, Baltimore, MD



Dear Ellen,

Many thanks for your many top-rate contributions to the Osher curricula over the years.  You bring such joy to all who take your classes---your gorgeous costumes, your great wealth and depth of knowledge of the musicals you present.

And this session, the additional showing of the full length films!  More than I can say, you are an invaluable member of the Osher faculty.

Thank you again.


(Ellen has been an instructor since 2009)

Nancy Garfinkel, Director, Food for Thought Lectures, Baltimore, MD

“I have known Ellen Katz for many years in her capacity as a

lifelong learning instructor in music history.  She brings to the class

not only enthusiasm, but much historical and biographical information

that moves the class not only to simply enjoy the music but the history

as well.  She sings well, too.  ​All I can say is her classes are sold out

in several days—that’s testimony in itself!!        



  • ​Ellen’s classes are one of the highpoints of my week.  I leave smiling, feeling great!
  • A superteacher for the supermusicals!
  • Elegant, excellent, educational, entertaining!
  • I love to hear her sing as well.
  • Ellen Katz is one of my “favorite things”!
  • Love the costumes and appreciate the research behind the slides and lectures. 
  • Love the enthusiasm, too!
  • Nice balance between music and information---A+
  • So uplifting—food for the soul!
  • Course far exceeded my expectations
  • Outstanding discussion on background of how musicals developed.  
  • Lively and wonderful instructor.
  • ​Ellen is amazing! Just love whatever she does!
  • Love Ellen’s enthusiasm for SuperMusicals!
  • These classes far exceeded my expectations.
  • I always leave feeling good!
  • Gives her all—the essence of a great teacher!
  • Love her singing and her costumes
  • What a dynamo—a ball of fire.
  • An excellent teacher—worthy of her reputation. These musicals have social significance.

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