“Sheer, electrifying, brilliance!”


Why should you attend classes on “Hamilton”?

These classes are a terrific introduction to “Hamilton” whether you plan to attend the show or not.  They bring the story, the history and the fantastic music to you in an easy to understand and entertaining way.  They help you discover Hamilton’s amazing legacy in shaping the country and launching our economic system.  It is timely, with a dynamic interracial cast that recreates “History with a Beat”. For your enrichment, I explain the raps, slowing them down to “unwrap” the powerfully pulsing poetry.   These classes create a swell of patriotism that honors Hamilton and the Founding Fathers.  Don’t miss your shot to attend classes.

Also Available—“Hamilton-Sing-A-Long”—Rap, tap and snap along to the catchy refrains of “Hamilton”. Terrific for schools, families and grandparents too!

“Ellen always does a spectacular job with each undertaking! I knew that Hamilton classes would be wonderful, exciting and educational....and they were!”

“Her plans were so well thought, her knowledge of the subject and her presentation were A+”. “Ellen’s enthusiasm for the show was infectious...and made me, and everyone else, craving a ticket!!”

“Ellen, the amount of time and effort you devoted to bringing Hamilton to our community is greatly appreciated. Your enthusiasm for this production was contagious. Being in your presence is always a delight. Thank you for making this experience so worthwhile.”

“Professional –and I enjoyed how she connected to the audience.”

“Obviously well researched. I enjoyed learning about the show as well as the American history. Ellen was so knowledgable.”

“Mom, I’m so proud of you!”

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